The human body is so much

The human body is so much more than a six pack, perfect butt, or number on a scale or pair of skinny jeans. So I say why limit your reasons for working out to that. Working out just to look good is so boring. So blah. So unmotivating. I’m so over it. 

Working out so you can feel better, get stronger, live longer, sleep better, be happier, focus, and feel like a totally kick ass rock star…

Yes please. 

Which is why I made this little list above for you all, because stuff like that is a helluva lot more motivating to me than a gal showing off her six pack in a gym bathroom selfie. Print it out, put in on the fridge, put it in the ladies locker room at the gym, or share it. I dunno. Let’s spread some healthy motivation shall we?

We shall. 

Especially the ice cream part. Which works like a charm for me on the toughest of days.

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