RX Bikini Bod: TRX – your escape from the gym

It’s ironic, being relatively obsessed with lifting weights and working out, that one of my top 5 least favorite places to be is in the gym. They just annoy the crap out of me. People doing pointless exercises, meat heads grunting while they do their 16th set of bicep curls, bicep curls at the squat rack. Machines, all the pointless machines. Oh the outfits I’ve seen that still singe my retinas. Yes, I dislike gyms.

But wait, there’s hope. Thanks to TRX, your future gym could be in any door frame, on a playground swing set, or even the branch of a palm tree on the beach.

TRX is basically a suspension system allowing you to do any body weight exercise imaginable, but having your stability rest in the arms of a few nylon straps. Results: a great workout device that will kick your butt, get you ripped, and has limitless possibilities (so boredom is not a factor). I use it at least twice a week, and it’s always a workout I look forward to. Anything you’d normally do where your hands or feet are on the ground or a bench/ball, etc put ‘em in these straps. Gravity is your new trainer. Need more info, check out this video:

Bonus: There are countless resources of crazy people (like me) posting their latest invented move, workouts, tips & tricks.

Next step: Go ahead and google “TRX workouts”, follow them on twitter, then be so inspired, you go to their website and snatch one up.

Eat your heart out Bowflex, and say goodbye to the dude at the gym in running shorts, wearing a sweater under his tank top, who always uses the hip abductor machine.

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