Turmeric Honey Lemon Ice Cubes


One of the easiest ways to spiff up a cold beverage in the health and tastiness departments, is to rethink your ice cubes. Aka use something other than just water to make your ice.

Example: The turmeric, honey and lemon ice cubes above, that I unsuccessfully photographed in any glamorous manner.

Similar to the coffee or green tea ice cubes I like to make, these puppies make a glass of water, or iced tea rather fun to drink, and have quite a few health benefits too. (Other than making hydration rather tasty.) Turmeric Curcumin is pretty much a super-magical amazingly good for you spice, honey is like a sticky gold mine of goodness, and lemon cleanses and invigorates like a champ. Pair that with water or tea. Boom. Drink of champions.

Good news is they are pretty easy to make. (Just hard for me to photograph);

Warm up a mug of water, and dissolve the following in it:

• 1 tbs raw honey,

• 1 tbs ground turmeric

• 1 tbs lemon juice.

Stir it up, pour in an ice cube tray and freeze. Then plop some in your water or iced tea… when you need to give your water or iced tea a little pick me up.

Ice, ice, baby. Turmeric…

Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as vanilla. Oh well.

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