The vacation cleanse

News flash: I am back on Hawaii for a week. (Queue a major happy dance session). And today while sitting in the lineup, I had a little epiphany I got excited about. I decided I was going to do a little cleanse this week. Don’t worry, it’s not some super strict diet or anything where you can’t have ice cream or a cold beer on vacation (no way José). This cleanse is more of a metaphor for a way to regroup, recharge, feel inspired and get back on track…while soaking up as much of this beautiful paradise as I can.

I like to call it…The Vacation Cleanse.

Here’s the plan. 

For a week try and do all or at least a few of the following, in as much of a spontaneous, non planned out fashion as possible. 

• Eat as many local fruits and vegetables as possible. Same goes for fresh fish. And local coffee. (In fact, these all are my favorite things to consume while traveling.) 

• Go for walks on the beach whenever possible. Even throw in a few impromptu beach runs.

• If there’s surfing, surf. If there’s swimming, swim. If there’s diving, dive. If there’s hiking, hike. If there’s bikes, go bike. (Also known as get out and be active)

• Catch up on sleep: Beach naps, going to bed early, and hammock naps (my absolute favorite). 

• Read a book, write in a journal, or sketch in a sketchbook. Be sure to spend some QT with some paper.

• Try to limit phone use to only taking pics, or actual phone calls.

• Set aside one hour for “screens” at night: Phone, computer, social media, tv, ipad, etc. 

• Stretch, take deep breaths, smile, and thank God for any blessing you encounter or realize, whenever possible.

… Now that I think about it, maybe this is a good thing to try and do even while not on vacation. 

It’s going to be a good week. 

Even though I am already sunburned. 

… Oh yeah, one more thing to do on the cleanse. Remember to reapply your spf regularly. 

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