RX Bikini Bod: Want curves? Lift heavy.

There are things it’s ok to be scared of: spiders, heights, snakes, and clowns. But it’s not ok to be scared of lifting heavy weights in fear of getting big. I’m sorry, but that’s just plain wimpy and such an overused cliche.

Australian strength coach and physical therapist, Rachel Guy (who also happens to be a contributor to Men’s Health and Shape magazine) shares the same opinion. But she has the credentials and education backing up her articles, so I’ll let her do the talking:

Excerpts from Rachel’s interview with Bret Contreras (a.k.a. the glute guy)

Women need to quit training like gerbils on the treadmill and lift some heavy shit! – There you go, I said it!

I feel it is very important for us chicks to have curves, but I want killer curves, and I want them to be hard curves, and in all the right places. I am on a tunnel-vision mission to get an awesome C-Shaped ass!

Ladies – listen up!! While cardio is great for your heart, it will not change the shape of your body. Cardio training should be done outside in fresh air in a park or beach if you wish to walk and talk. In the gym, use your time productively and LIFT WEIGHTS for killer curves, stronger bones, elevated metabolism, and overall general health. It is very hard for us girls to put on a decent amount of muscle. I have never met a chick that is lean and genuinely thinks her quads are too big. Honestly, you need to drop fat, not worry about gaining muscle!

As a general rule, your average lady should lift 3-4x/week and do a form of conditioning (where they sweat hard and can’t talk) 2-3x/week. This includes boxing or Muay Thai, long brisk walks (outdoors only), strongman training, circuit training, dancing, or whatever they enjoy doing. That is the most important thing. Exercise must be enjoyable.


I can vouch for this. I am stronger, & lifting MUCH heavier than I ever did in college (where I was a division I athlete nicknamed Helga in the weight room) …and I am at least 3 pants sizes smaller, 15lbs lighter and feel better about my body than ever.

So trust me (and Rachel) and leave the 5lb dumbbells for Richard Simmons. It’s empowering to feel strong, be strong, and have a goal to get stronger. So go out, lift heavy and let’s all get some good, hard curves.

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