With Love From Paradise

Say hello to my latest workout gear obsession. It’s a line called With Love From Paradise. It’s soft, comfy, supportive, and, is in fact designed with love, in paradise (aka Kauai).

A few reasons why it is worth the obsession. 

• The fabric is amazing. It’s thick, soft, supportive…and predominantly comes in tropical vibrant aloha prints and colors. Yes, this is a combo that makes my heart go lub dub.

• The bralettes are quite multi-functional. I wear mine working out, running (Note: I have small boobs), and under loose or see through tops and tanks. I also saw a few ladies surfing and paddle boarding in them when I was on Kauai. So they are also water friendly. 

• They make wearing your workout gear while out and about, quite stylish and cool. This is not an easy thing to do. 

• It’s designed by a mother daughter team that targeted their designs for active gals on Kauai, but, they have a fan base of women in all walks of life, from all over. 

• I just think it’s a totally rad, extremely well made line. And yeah, small, independently owned activewear companies like this give me permagrin.

…and additional motivation to workout, which is always a plus.

So, if you are on the hunt for any new fun workout gear that literally brightens up your day, you know what I recommend.

withloveframparadise.com / Instagram  / Facebook / Pinterest

Collage photos by Bryce Johnson

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