I must confess. My motivation to

I must confess. My motivation to workout is at an all time low lately. I blame my energy level and aches and pains. But you know what the one thing is that’s helping me feel amazing, like myself again, and relieve those aches and pains? Working out. Yes, it’s just that great and remarkable of a thing to do. 

There are a bunch of things I tell myself that miraculously make me finally get up, put on that sports bra, and get moving. And well, for some reason, they work. So I thought I’d share.

Hope you enjoy the list.

And in regards to #10. If you aren’t following The Rock on all social media accounts he has, do it now. The man is a beast. And yes, who I look to for fitness inspiration. Even though I don’t necessarily want traps like him anytime soon. 

So, when you just don’t feel like breaking a sweet, would rather pass out on the couch, or don’t see a point in a brisk 20 minute power walk or doing 25 push ups, please feel free to reference the list above. 

And enjoy feeling freaking fantastic afterwards. 

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