Yoga. I heart you.


One thing I truly miss about Seattle, was the yoga studio I attended. I was obsessed. It was right down the street from our apartment, and I was going religiously. I felt amazing, the instructor could’ve been an American Gladiator, and I could even do some fancy schmancy poses

Fast forward to today, and it has officially been 5 months since I’ve done a yoga class. I don’t know how or why this happened. But it’s crazy how much I can feel a difference. My joints hurt, I feel less focused, my knee is acting up, and yeah, my hamstrings are as flexible as a 2 x 4.

Yoga I miss you. 

But the yoga draught ended this morning, when I finally tried out a website that a friend mentioned to me a while ago, called – and I haven’t been so excited about a website, since ebay. 

Here’s the deal, for $18 a month you can take unlimited classes, at various levels, from amazing teachers, in all different types of yoga….at any time (that’s my favorite part). You can make a profile to keep track of your practice, set goals, and keep yourself accountable. The class I took this AM was by a dude named Marc, who used to teach in LA and now lives in Paris, and it rocked my world. It was challenging, and I was schweaty. I even did some funky back bend with my legs crossed. It sounds weird but it’s possible. 

Basically, I am thrilled to be back on my mat, and am determined to do a class first thing in the morning every day, for the next week, to hopefully get back on track. 

So, naturally, I had to pass on this info, like my friend did to me…to you. 

Check it out. @yogaglo 

Pictured above: A rather rad mat from without walls.

Need more inspiration to do yoga? Check out this infographic on the health benefits of practicing yoga…which is quite interesting.

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