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  • A Love Letter to My Sweats

    I’ve been meaning to sit down and write a deep, heartfelt poem about these past few months…and this is all I’ve got. But, it made me chuckle (my husband too, which says a lot), want

  • Written Out

    It’s hard to admit it, but I kind of hit a wall. Motivation and creative ideas – they’re there but not really. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. or at least hope I’m

  • 20 thoughts for 2020

    Somehow last year ended, a decade said sayonara, this year started, and I didn’t wake up in 2020 as a new person with a new perspective on life, filled with lists of things I want

  • Cheers to Nine Years

    Nine years ago today, I sat, sweaty after a workout, underneath an air-conditioning vent in the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Diamond Head, spent $20 to buy the URL, and wrote my first

  • Rambling Season

    I’m trying to figure out this weird season I’m in. Staying up late at night to write stuff like this helps. It truly does. La vie est belle. So are poems. Hopefully, someone out there

  • Rambling

    If I vanished for the past week, I promise there’s a good excuse. We are down in Costa Rica which meant unplugging, writing, reading, and just breathing. A lot. I was going to add more

  • 20 quotes for Da Mamas

    Motherhood. It’s one of the craziest things to sit down and actually try to talk about. I honestly have trouble writing about it, but I have no problem living it, loving it and learning from

  • Late Night Rambling

    Well, what was meant to be a quasi-rant about questioning if inspiration is being diluted…turned into a late night rambling instead. Fun times. Don’t get me wrong, a good quote you stumble on (I mean GOOD) can do

  • Some late night rambling for you

    Some late night rambling for you, that was written while listening to the A Star Is Born Soundtrack…on repeat. Dang, Always Remember Us This Way, can stir up some serious emotions.   Anywho, hopefully this makes someone

  • So thankful for ya

    If you’re reading this, I want to say thank you in every language possible. I was just sitting and thinking of all the doors opened, opportunities, connections, friendships, creative outlets, and sense of fulfillment this