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  • Starry night musings

    Hello, keyboard, journal, and iPhone notes. Long time no write. I usually do this on full moon nights, but…sleep won the battle. So here are a few late-night musings from the keyboard, journal, and iPhone

  • Blue Moon Ramblings

    Apparently, this month’s full moon is a rare kind of blue moon, and man oh man it kept me up late, and my brain was whirling. Which…felt freaking fantastic. I hope these nuggets make someone

  • Full Moon Thoughts

    My mind was a-buzzing these past few nights. But, in a good way. It’s a feeling I miss, honestly. Well, this all meant staying up a little late (My Kili pup gets me up numerous

  • Mini Thoughts

      A few little nuggets for you. The über poetic metaphors weren’t flowing quite as much, but hey, it still feels good to get this stuff out…and sometimes you just need to write. Even if

  • Little brain sparks

    I’m kiiiiind of taking a few weeks off, and where we’re staying doesn’t have the most reliable internet…which in retrospect, has been a huge blessing in disguise. In fact, I love it. But I just

  • New Year. New Mood.

    New year. A new mood board. Ok, it’s also a new kind of mood, too. Zero expectations, an intensified attitude of gratitude, and inspiration to just…be. Be filled with joy, be present, and be me.

  • Full moon ramblings

    It’s the last full moon of this crazy year, ok and decade, month, week. I’ve also had crippling writer’s block when it comes to poems/ramblings. But something about tonight just made me tell my inner

  • Imperfect Ramblings

    In a writing rut? Just write. Even if it doesn’t make sense, I swear it’ll somehow end up making sense. Even if it doesn’t. If that makes sense. It doesn’t have to be perfectly profound.

  • Written Out

    Just some digital doodles for you. Ok, I don’t know why I said “just” before that because there is something necessary about mindless scribbles nowadays:  No expectations, just thoughts, or reworking old thoughts, and the

  • Current Mood

    It felt like a good time for a mood board. Love creating these things. Especially this one. Reading, signing ( #JusticeForBre), donating(Be The Bridge is incredibe), listening to Uncomfortable Conversations ( This one with Emmanuel