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  • Rambling Season

    I’m trying to figure out this weird season I’m in. Staying up late at night to write stuff like this helps. It truly does. La vie est belle. So are poems. Hopefully, someone out there

  • Rambling

    If I vanished for the past week, I promise there’s a good excuse. We are down in Costa Rica which meant unplugging, writing, reading, and just breathing. A lot. I was going to add more

  • 20 quotes for Da Mamas

    Motherhood. It’s one of the craziest things to sit down and actually try to talk about. I honestly have trouble writing about it, but I have no problem living it, loving it and learning from

  • Late Night Rambling

    Well, what was meant to be a quasi-rant about questioning if inspiration is being diluted…turned into a late night rambling instead. Fun times. Don’t get me wrong, a good quote you stumble on (I mean GOOD) can do

  • Some late night rambling for you

    Some late night rambling for you, that was written while listening to the A Star Is Born Soundtrack…on repeat. Dang, Always Remember Us This Way, can stir up some serious emotions.   Anywho, hopefully this makes someone

  • So thankful for ya

    If you’re reading this, I want to say thank you in every language possible. I was just sitting and thinking of all the doors opened, opportunities, connections, friendships, creative outlets, and sense of fulfillment this

  • Apricot Afternoons

    I fell in love with the words, creativity, and aesthetic of everything that is Tess Guinery at first sight. So, I immediately impulse-purchased her book, The Apricot Memoirs, the second I figured out who this

  • This one’s been stuck in my

    This one’s been stuck in my head for a few days now, however, it all came together in my head tonight when I went for a run. Yeah, I might’ve been choked up a bit

  • I really was hoping my brain

    I really was hoping my brain would churn out something witty, sarcastic and funny, but yeah. Not happening. So here you go – a friendly l’il PSA reminder that there is beauty in every day. Making

  • Pen Paper and Pouch

    “She’s not sun-kissed, she kisses the sun. She grew her own roses before she was ever given one…” – These are a few lines from a poem I wrote while sitting on the beach years