20 minute circuit.

Circuit training has a special place in my time crunched, unorganized, all over the place heart. Especially when it’s a 20 minute circuit, that leaves you sweaty, tired all over, and feeling like you did a lot more than a 20 minute circuit.

So if you are time crunched, unorganized, all over the place…or just looking for a good new workout to switch things up…voila.

Here you go.

Tools: Dumbbells, a pull up bar, a jump rope or any type of stationary cardio equipment.

Do the following with no rest in between. Using a weight that’s going to be challenging for 6 reps. 

1: walking dumbbell lunges: 6 each leg

2: squat to press (with dumbbells): 6 reps

3: Single leg Dumbbell RDL: 6 reps each leg:

4: Pullups (or bent over rows with dumbbells if you can’t do pull-ups): 6 reps

5: Push ups: 8-10

6: 1 minute fast cardio ( jump rope, treadmill, bike, stair master, elliptical)

Continue repeating steps 1-6 until you reach 20 minutes. (No rest until you are done. That’s the kicker.)

I make it through 5-6 times. If you can do a lot more rounds than this, use heavier weights. 


Cheers to keeping yourself healthy all year long, so there is no “bikini season”.

…and to fitting in a great workout in spite of this rather crazy thing we call life.

Feels good.

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