Legs. Make ’em burn.


Legs. By far my FAVORITE body part to train. If there is one thing I love, it’s a kick butt, make your quads scream, calorie torching, leg circuit. So, when I was presented with the following workout challenge. You bet I was up for it.  I could not walk very well for the next 2 days after I did it the first time…and was happy as a clam.

So, naturally I want you to share in the pain…and gain. It’s a great leg workout to do if you need to switch it up or some motivation every now and then.

Here you go.

What I used: A big ‘ol 35lb chain that you put around your neck/shoulders, and a big leather medicine ball, like this.

What you can use: Your own body weight, a 15-30lb dumbbell, and a step, or something that is about 14" tall and you can squat down and touch your bootie on.

The workout:

Complete the following in UNDER 3 minutes

15 split squats on each leg

15 lunges on each leg

40 squats that are LOW…aka your bum touches the med ball at the bottom (which is about 14" off the ground)

Rest 2 minutes.

Repeat circuit in under 3 minutes

Rest 2 minutes

Repeat circuit in under 3 minutes


Remember to have good form, even though you have to work quickly through the exercises…and stretch afterwards.

…and have someone give you a big ‘ol high five 🙂

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