Some circuit cardio

For times when gyms aren’t in the picture, you are traveling, can’t go on a run, or are on house arrest. Body weight circuits are quite handy. Your heart pumps, you sweat a ton, you jam to Pandora, you maybe even watch the Today Show while you do it (guilty as charged).

So, here’s a good little body weight circuit, that definitely makes you sweat ( I did it in sweats, which helped)…to do while jamming to your favorite boy band Pandora station.

Tools: A jump rope, sturdy chair or bench, yoga mat, and stopwatch.

Warm up: Stretch and move until you feel like you could sprint without hurting anything, and have started to sweat a little. I also like to do 5 sun salutations. works like charm. 

Do each of the following for 1 minute, with NO REST in between:

• Jump rope 

• Jumping jacks 

• Plank hold

• Dips (hands on chair or bench)

• Mountain climbers

• Push ups (on floor or with your hands on the chair or bench)

• Squats (your butt should hit the chair each time. Bonus points if you are using a kid’s chair.)

• Run in place really fast (high knees)

• Side to side bounds

Up downs (go from laying down on the floor to jumping up, then lay down again, then jump up…)

• Then repeat it all again. Yup, without a break. 

20 minute workout. Donezo.

If you feel like doing another set and making it a 30 minute one…go for it. 

Now, go drink some water. Preferably in one of these.

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