Bum Builders


Although there really isn’t a new amazing move to build up your bum (google “bootie lifter” and be prepared to have your mind explode), I still felt like it was time to dish out what’s been working for me. So, here are a few of my favorite ways to build up your backside at the gym, at home, and even in the water.

Queue the bumtasticness.

In The Gym:

Rear Foot Elevated Split squats. 

If anyone asks me for one exercise to do that will help your butt. It’s this one. Start with body weight, and make sure you have the proper form mastered. Then, as you get stronger, grab some dumbbells, then go heavier, and heavier, and heavier…rawr. These totally suck, in the best way possible.

Back Extensions.

Sir Mix-A-Lot said Baby Got Back for a reason. I’d like to think he was referring to back extensions. Do them. But (pun intended) be sure to move in a slow, controlled manner, and squeeze your cheeks for a second at the top. Feel it? Yup. Where? In the top shelf part of your glutes. Score.

At Home:

The Pretzel.

I honestly almost cried the first time I did this. I can’t explain how to do it, so watch the video linked above (I just did it. Ouch.) or google “Barre Pretzel”. If you cry, just remember, I feel you.


Sprints. Sprints. And more sprints. Look at any sprinter’s bum. You will be motivated to sprint, and sprint some more. 

In the water.

Grab some kicks fins.

..and go for a swim, dive or bodysurf. The light resistance helps works your backside. In the most amusing and invigorating way possible.


Do anything Jen Selter suggests. Her bum is a masterpiece. 


Orra Active bootie shorts. 

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