Go to run. Go to gear.


In the world of fitness there’s so many things out there that you are told to do, and need to wear, that at times I feel overwhelmed and just want to curl up in a ball and eat Doritos, while wearing sweats.

Well what helps me not go on that Doritos binge, is having what I like to call, go to’s. A quick yet butt kicking go to run that you can do anytime, anywhere, and a genre of go to gear that I feel comfy yet cool in, time after time.

It’s a match made in sweaty heaven. So it’s time to share.

My Go To Run:

A 20 Minute HIIT Interval. (High Intensity Interval Training) 

I’ve been doing this once or twice a week, in some shape or form, for almost a decade. I love that it’s short, sweet, and always kicks my butt. *Sorry I’m not actually doing this in the above pics.

You can do it on any cardio equipment, but I prefer to do it outside with my legs and some fresh air.

• Warm up: Jog 5 minutes

• Intervals: 10 minutes – Sprint 20-25 seconds, then jog 40-35 seconds (each sprint/jog combo = 1 minute. Sprint = fast as you can go. Jog = recovery time)

• Cool Down jog: 5 minutes

• Chug water, stretch, and feel freaking fantastic.

* Some days, I am feeling better than others, and I will up the sprint/jog intervals to 12 or 15 reps, and then cool down for only 2-3 minutes. Some days I can barely do the 10. Listen to your body. 

My Go To Gear:

I love workout gear, but am super picky in what gear I actually work out in. Especially when at the gym. My top MUST be baggy, my butt prefers to be covered (aka I like my baggy tops a little long), my sports bra must be comfy and preferably a dark color, and my shoes must be obnoxiously bright and fun. Beach runs, well that gear is are a whole other post and genre.

So, pictured above is some of my go to gear lately. 

• Comfy, baggy, Nike tee. (bonus points for long sleeves)

• Beyond Yoga sports bra (kinda loving this high neck style. Big time.)

• Black Lulu Lemon shorts (or wonder unders).

• Some lightweight, but with good cushion and support, neon Nikes. (I swear bright shoes make me run faster. Hint: Zappos has a plethora of ‘em.) 

• And my hair totally falling out since it never will stay put in a ponytail or bun. 

There you go. 

Cheers to go to’s, and being able to figure out what works for you, no matter how many workouts you try, and gear you test out along the way.

Stay sweaty my friends.

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