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Ok. So, I’ve received a bunch of emails asking what exactly I do to workout, or what my workout routine looks like. I am 1: Totally flattered that you want to know, and 2: Going to outline what a typical week’s worth of working out looks like, in a somewhat coherent way, since I have workout ADD, and I tend to change things up often. 

But here’s a typical week for you.

Please note: I am not a certified trainer, nor do I claim to be. I’ve been lifting since about 8th grade, and have been fortunate to work with some great professionally certified strength and conditioning coaches…and am also married to one. (Sweet perk!) If you’ve never lifted, and do not know what the exercises are below, please, pretty please take the time to find a certified person to teach you proper form. If you are looking for a good online program with instructional videos, and workouts, check out coreperformance.com. I also use their programs from time to time. They rock.

Ok, now that I got my disclaimer out of the way, here we go: 

Three times a week, I lift. 

It’s my 40-60 minutes of meatheadedness, that I love. I change things up every month or so, but here is a general formula.

• Foam Roll (legs, back, upper back)

• Stretch/warm up

• Core work (usually using a TRX/medicine ball/or stability ball)

• Some type of dynamic/Olympic lift 3-4 sets of 3-5 reps (Hang cleans, Single arm dumbbell Snatch, push jerk/press) or a Barbell complex.

• 3 different supersets of lifting. 3 sets each, 5-8 reps per exercise.

In general I stick to this group of exercises: Squats (back, front, single leg), RDL, Lunges,  Push Press, Pull ups, Rows, bench, incline bench. And do them either with dumbbells (single or both arms), or a barbell. 

Here’s an example: 

Set 1: Squats with pull-ups (5 reps heavy squats, immediately go do 8 pull-ups)

Set 2: Single arm alternating dumbbell bench, Single leg RDL (6 each arm/ 6 each leg)

Set 3: Walking lunges with dumbbell press, elbows in push ups/ cable rows (5 lunges each leg, 10 push ups, 6 rows each arm)

• Stretch. Donezo. 

The other two weekdays, I run.

My runs are usually a 20 minute HIIT, or I go to the beach and do a barefoot run, which tends to be more like mental therapy than a workout.

On the weekend, I play.

I’ll Surf (I do this during the week too, but it’s so fun I don’t really do it to workout), Hike, play tennis, swim, dive, go on a walk, golf…be outside.

And I’m trying to do yoga once a week, usually on a run day.

There you go. Other than the lifting part, it’s pretty simple.

Hope this inspires, or helps, or is a little glimpse into what I do to workout. I definitely work hard, and enjoy the challenge. 

Have fun, take care of your body, it’s the only one you’ve got.

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