Green Tea Ice cubes

Sometimes my forgetfulness and lack of attention span actually comes in handy. Such is the case of this recipe (or I guess it’s better to call it a discovery)…green tea ice cubes.

The other night, I made a pot of this awesome coconut lemongrass green tea from Trader Joes. I was exited, and yet totally forgot about it. So I woke up the next morning with an insanely strong pot of green tea. Not one to waste anything, I froze some in an ice cube tray…et voila. That’s all she wrote. Green tea ice cubes were made.

I’ve been plopping these suckers in a glasses of water regularly, for a little boost of flavor, energy, fat burning (Yhatzee!), and aid in reaching my daily water consumption quota. My husband even loves them. This says a lot.

If you want to try out, here’s the actual recipe. 

• Brew some strong green tea. *Feel free to try it with any kind of tea, really. 

• Add a tiny bit of honey (optional)

• Let cool and pour in ice cube tray.

• If you are feeling saucy, add some berries or fruit or lemon to each cube.

• Let freeze. Then pop out of the tray, and plop in some water.

Ice ice baby. It’s delicious. And makes water sooooo much more fun to drink sometimes. 

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