Legs and Vie.


I’ve got legs. A pair of limbs I thoroughly enjoy pushing to their limits, using daily, and keeping them healthy. Yup, I love working ‘em too. A lot. I’ll admit it, I kind of smile on days when I wake up after a good butt kicker and can’t walk normally for a while. 

So, here are few of my favorite leg workouts, as well as some gear I’m loving working them out in nowadays too. (because I really like having them clothed in the raddest way possible while doing so too.)

Ready, set, vamos…

Ok, first off, why the infatuation with working out your legs? Well since they are your longest limbs in your body, getting a full range of motion requires the most energy output on your behalf. AKA when you train your legs, your body has to work harder. Think of how much more out of breath you are after doing a set of heavy squats than a set of bicep curls. Yeah.

So, in short it’s my favorite because it’s the hardest. 

Ok enough rambling.

Here’s the workouts. Click on the links for an explanation video. Sorry no dudes in neon fanny packs this time.

At the gym: The Trifecta

• Do 8 goblet squats, followed by 5 rear foot elevated split squats (each leg), followed by 10 walking lunges (each leg.) Rest a minute, and repeat for a total of 3-4 sets.


• Just do 5×5 (5 sets of 5 reps) heavy barbell squats. Tried and true, OG, Rocky Balboa would approve, heavy squats…never disappoint.

Get Outside: Hill or Stair Sprints.

As much as I love the gym, this is what I do when I want to really make my thighs scream like Stephen Tyler.

• Have a steep hill or long set of stairs nearby? Well, go sprint up them. Literally sprint up a steep hill or long set of stairs, then slowly walk down as your recovery time. Repeat without any breaks (other than the time it takes to walk back down) for how ever long you can. Start at 10 minutes, then work up to 20. If you are feeling really masochistic, go for 30.

At Home: Barre DVD or a Bodyweight Circuit.

• This pure barre dvd I own is da bomb. It is a totally different way of leg training than I am used to, but I love it. And it’s the first way I started working out my legs again after having a baby. 


• Using your own body weight, do the following circuit: 

(Do each move for 1 minute) lunges, squat jumps, speed skaters, burpies (the kind when you jump at the end of each), then sumo squats. Repeat the circuit 3 times for 15 minutes of leg pumping…while watching a Modern Family marathon too.

Now, about the gear to adorn your legs (or chest or whatever body part it’s covering.)….

Those glorious tights pictured above –  they are by Vie Active. A line of über functional yet oh so stylish gear that you can wear to the gym, or out to lunch. (Or to the beach. Or to the dog park. Or while watching a Hawaii Five-0 Marathon. Like me.) It’s cool. It’s different. It’s founded in Bondi Beach. It has me being a fan of high waisted workout tights. And from what I’ve tested so far, the fabric is freaking fantastic (Think: thick, comfy, and not see through when you stick your butt out). 

My favorites: I’m a fan of the Rebekka tights, (one less k, and add an h at the end, and I swear they were literally made for me), the Simone Bralette ( just wore it two days in a row), and the Tessa Pixel tights (pictured above). 

More info/suggested reading: Learn more about the line, it’s founder, Noa, (Noa = a rad lady) and probably fall in love with it a bit more when you read about what’s embossed in each piece, here.

There you go.

Yay for legs. Sweaty, fashionable, well worked, strong, beefy, going to take you places, legs.

Pictured above: Vie Pixel tights // Nike Lunarglide 7 running shoes 

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