A few non running, butt kicking, treadmill workouts.


The treadmill. I also view it as a torture device. But, sometimes it’s your only option for a hard workout when you can’t (or don’t want to) run. Like, when the weather is below freezing. Or when it’s 110 degrees out in Iowa in the middle of summer, and you forgot to pack your running shoes and you had one too many beers (to help down way too many slices of pizza) the night before, and you need to fit into a body conscious dress at your husband’s best friend’s wedding in a few hours. (True story. Here’s the dress. It was pretty darn cute.)

Suddenly, a treadmill, paired with a little creativity, is your best friend.

Here are the workouts.

1: Put the treadmill at as high of an incline it will possibly go. Walk at a fairly brisk pace (I think I did 3.5 or 3.7 last time) for 30 minutes. Whatever you do, do not use the handrails. think of it as indoor hiking. But the TV is your view. Choose your channel wisely.

2: Put the Treadmill at as high of an incline it will go. Walk at a moderate pace for 5 minutes, then walk at a 4 or higher for 20 seconds, then back down to your “resting" pace for 40 more seconds. Repeat 10 times. Then walk 5 more final minutes at your moderate/somewaht slow pace to cool down, decreasing the incline a little each minute until you reach 20 minutes. Once again. do not use the handrails, slow down before you touch those things. They kill the workout.

3: Put the treadmill a little more than half as high as it will go. Walk briskly for 5 minutes, then slow the treadmill down to like a 3 or below.

Then, for 1 minute each, do the following (it’s ok to use the handrails a little here to get situated so you don’t fall):

Face to the right, so you are side shuffling for 1 minute

Face backwards, so you are backpedaling for 1 minute

Face to the left so you are side shuffling for 1 minute

Face forward, so you are walking.

So you make a circle every 4 minutes.

Repeat those 4 things 4 times.

Walk five minutes to cool down.

…and next time, remember to pack your running shoes, darn it.

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