It’s cool. In the pool.


It’s that time again, time for (yet another) pool workout. Why? Well, I am learning that a restricted gravity type of cardio 1: feels great on my body right about now, and 2: working out in the pool just does your body, mind and soul a helluva lot of good. 

And, well, I just love being in the water. 

So, here’s the latest pool workout I did today, that was a great “get your body moving, but isn’t too much of a butt kicker” kind of deal. 

Do the following back to back with no breaks. 

• Swim 10 laps at a decent pace. Any stroke you want.

• In the shallow end, crouch down so your shoulders are underwater and your arms are straight out to your sides. Now, as fast as you can, move your arms forwards (like you are going to clap your hands. Working your chest and shoulders) then backwards (like you are trying to get your palms to touch behind your back. Working your back and back of shoulders). That is one rep. do this 100 times. Yes 100. 

• Go to the side of the pool and do 50 leg lifts on each leg, with your torso facing the side of the pool (this works your butt and hammies.)

• Now, hold onto the wall, but face towards the middle of the pool. Do 50 leg lifts on each leg. This works your quads and core.

• Back to the shallow end. Crouch down with your torso underwater, and have your arms straight out in front of you. Now, keep your arms straight and push them back so they are in back of you (works your triceps), then bring them back to the front of you (works your shoulders). It’s like you made a half circle with your palms underwater. That is one rep. Do 100 of them. Yes 100. And your arms are straight the entire time. 

• Back to the side of the pool. Do 50 leg swings on each leg. (Back and forth = 1 rep.) So, you are facing the side of the pool, and with a straight leg are trying to draw a half circle with your big toe.  This works the outside and inside of your legs. 

• Tread water for 5 minutes

• Swim 8-10 more laps. 

…then feel free to just float around a bit and soak up that post pool workout chlorinated happiness. 

Or…you can can that whole workout and just play with your 2 year old niece who also wants to hang on to you in the deep end, but not get her head under water, so you have to tread water with a 25 lb cute l’il human on your back. Which I did too. And was a blast. 

Suit:  Mikoh Osaka one piece 

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