Get Sandy and Schweaty

I was on the beach the other day (what a shock) and wanted to workout, but didn’t want to just go for a run, or leave my stuff unattended. So I got creative. I came up with this little 20 minute workout (because I realized pretty much all the cardio I do is in the 20 minute range) that left my legs feeling great, (in a jello sort of way), and my body wanting a smoothie or coconut water, instead of an entire funfetti cake. 

Quick intense workouts are kind of amazing that way. 

So, here it is.

I called it the sandbox workout because it’s all done in a square, and I did it on the sand. Really creative, I know.

Tools: A stopwatch in some form. 

Location: a beach, but really you can do this on a field or in a park as well. You just need an open outdoor space.

Warmup: For five minutes – jog, stretch, do skips, high knees, and whatever you need to do so you break a sweat and feel warmed up enough to sprint. 

The Workout: 

• Sprint for 10 seconds, then turn 90 degrees and sprint 10 more seconds, then turn another 90 degrees, and jog slowly for 20 seconds, then turn again and jog back to where you started. So, you guessed it, you just sprinted and jogged to make a big square.

• Immediately do 10 speed skaters (aka lateral jumps). I attempted to get a picture of this move above using auto timer. 

• Without any rest, repeat that sprint/jog square and speed skaters combo above, for a total of 10-15 times (depending on how saucy you are feeling that day.)

So it basically goes: Sprint (20 seconds), jog (40 seconds), speed skater x 10 each leg…and repeat. 

If the box deal is too annoying, you can just sprint out 20 seconds, and jog 40 seconds back, do your speed skaters, and keep on keepin’ on. 


Go hop in the ocean, chug some water, walk around to cool off, and tell anyone who asks what the heck you were doing, that you are just training

…for life. 

Wearing: Tori Praver for Target (yes this amazing & affordable collab happened), Wildfox, and Freedom Artists.  

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