RX Bikini Bod: EDT – An Acronym you’ll love

Sometimes acronyms are bad (IRS, WTF, SAT, SOL) sometimes they are good (SUP, OLB, NCAA, 4WD, SBG)…and there is one little known one that makes fat cells cry and muscles cheer… EDT

EDT, short for Escalating Density Training is designed for lean-mass development (exactly what you want to fill out a bikini). The principle is to get the most dense workout you can achieve (the heaviest weights and most reps) in a given amount of time. It single-handedly has gotten me through boredom in the gym and is responsible for quite a few days where I could hardly move because I was so (happily) sore.

The basic workout is this: for 10-15 minutes, you alternate between two exercises in opposing muscle groups, with little to no rest in between sets. To start, use a weight you can do for 10 reps, but you just do 5. (Don’t worry, 5 will feel like plenty after about 4 minutes) You start a stopwatch, and begin your sets until you reach your minutes. Gradually you will drop down to sets of 4, 3, 2, and maybe even singles. You record how many reps you achieve and try to beat your number the next time. Aww yeah, bring it on.

Sample Workout:

Set 1:

Squats (weight usually used for 10 reps) x5

Pull ups x5

Keep going with little to no rest for 15 minutes…

Set 2:

Bench Press (weight usually used for 10 reps) x5

RDL x5

Keep going with little to no rest for 15 minutes…

And that’s it. There you have the hardest, and most likely the most rewarding 30 minutes you’ve spent working out in a long time.

For a more thorough and certified expert-backed article, click here, or here. Although my article has the best pic 🙂 …I need to find those shoes, and underwear.

Image source: weheartit

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