RX Bikini Bod: Good Form

Running. The easiest workout to do…besides walking. We are naturally made to do it, but people tend to make it look like it’s the most awkward, painful, unnatural thing to do on the planet. I’m not claiming to have perfect form at all (thanks to a bad hamstring injury a few years ago I kind of limp, and my husband says I don’t use my arms at all.) But, good form is key to efficiency, which equals less impact, which equals injury prevention, which by rule of logic, equals more excuses to buy bikinis.

Rule of thumb, the faster you are running, the more important your form is. Usain Bolt’s stride is as much of a perfected motion as Tiger Wood’s golf swing.

Tips for Good Running Form:

1: Relax. Try to keep your shoulders, hands, and arms as relaxed as possible (without looking like one of these guys) with a relaxed, natural stride. Key word here, relax.

2: Hands at waist, and at a 90 degree angle. No T-rex running with your arms up by your boobs. That just messes everything up.

3: Keep a good straight posture. Shoulders back, relaxed, and try not to lean forwards or backwards.

4: Swing your arms from your shoulders, moving front to back, not crossing your body. Tip: when you get tired, focus on swinging your arms harder instead of just focusing on your legs.

5: Land midfoot. Try not to run on your toes or heels, but land on the middle of your feet and roll through your toes.

6: I really just needed an excuse to post this pic.

High five.

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