RX Bikini Bod: The 300

The 300 isn’t anything new, but I figured if it was a workout that got Gerard Butler and a bunch of other dudes in leather loin cloth worthy shape, it could definitely help us gals out to feel good in a bikini. Even though we all know their abs were a wee bit enhanced by spray tanning. 

Anywho, the workout is an awesome butt kicker. I’m doing it once a week for a month, so if anyone wants to join in…here’s the workout.

The 300:

A total of 300 reps. Try to arrange all equipment together so you can perform every exercise back to back without a break.

1: Pullups – 25 reps

2: Barbell Deadlift with 135 lbs. – 50 reps (I use about 88 lbs. feel free to use dumbbells and a weigh you’d use for walking lunges)

3: Pushups – 50 reps

4: 24-inch Box Jumps – 50 reps

5: Floor Wipers – 50 reps

6: Single-Arm Clean-and-Press with 36 lbs Kettlebell – 50 reps total. 25 each arm (I use 20lbs)

7: Pullups – 25 reps

Full article, instructional and how-to video here.

One more tidbit. Each time you do it try to beat the time it took you to complete it the week before.

Can’t do pull ups? Try inverted pull ups, or use a band or chair for assistance….or call up Gerard Butler or any actor that was in his army to give you a boost.

Cheers to Sparta, and cheeky bikinis.

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