The Med Ball Circuit


Some days you really just need to throw something around and get a great workout, while having a therapy session to vent out all of your pent up anger and frustration with the world. Or, some days, you just want a good total body workout. Either way, this is when a Medicine Ball should come over to play.

I like to do the following circuit once or twice before I lift as a warm up, or feel free to repeat a bunch of times for your full workout/therapy session. It also helps to imagine the ball is the head of someone you are particularly frustrated with on that day, insert name here____________.

The Med Ball Circuit:

Please click on link for instruction videos. *All these videos come from my favorite source for online workouts,, and they do an amazing job showing you how to do each move.

What you need. Open space, a thick, CEMENT wall, and a medicine ball. I use a 10-12 lb one. The big old school leather ones are my fave, you can slam them much harder and I feel like Rocky Balboa or something.

Do the following with little rest in between moves.

1: Med ball slams. Just like it sounds, slam the sucker against the ground as hard as you can. x20 times

2: Chest pass. Just like the basketball pass, except for its against a wall. x20

3: Overhead Throw.  x20 times

4: Granny Toss. Like a granny shot in basketball, but you are aiming for ceiling and not a hoop. x10 times

5: Perpendicular Throw. x10 each side

6. Parallel Throw x10 each side. *The further you are away from the wall, the harder it is.

7. Rotational Overhead Slam x10 each side

8. Squat, Press and Throw. x8

9. RDL to Overhead Squat x8

10. Alternating Med Ball Push up x4 each side (feel free to do it slow and controlled if you can’t do the explosive push up like in the video.)

11. Med ball toe touch crunch. x12 – Lying on the floor, back flat on ground, legs up straight, crunch up and touch the med ball to your toes.

Rest 1-2 minutes and repeat circuit. 

Who knew throwing a heavy ball around could do a mind and body so much good. Feels good to kiss all that stress and calories buh buy, in one slam. 

Pattern dots from my pinterest board. 

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