RX Bikini Bod: The SPAZ

Gotta give credit to my sister in law, Jill, for naming and coming up with this workout. She took me thorough it. It was a blast, got my heart racing and was a much needed sweat session after a fun night of wedding festivities which resulted in consumption of a 6lb breakfast burrito in 5 minutes the next morning. Yes, I needed a butt kicking and this worked.

Workout: The Spaz

Why: It gets your body moving in a bunch of different ways, gets your heart rate up, is in no way boring, and feels fantastic.

Total Time: 36 minutes

The Schpeal: 6 sets total, done twice for a total of 12. Each set = 3 exercises done as fast/intense as you can for :50 straight with :10 rest, 2 times. Can be done at home, on the beach, or in a park.

Set 1: burpies, 50yd side shuffle, hitch-kicks

Set 2: push ups, suicides (like what you do on a basketball court), frog jumps

Set 3: Box jumps, high skips, windmill kicks

Set 4: roll-ups, jump rope, Mountain climbers

Set 5: Alternating lunge jumps, grapevine, jumping knee tucks

Set 6: Sprint back and forth (25-50yds), speed squats, plank hold

Get creative, think of any dynamic hard movement that’s difficult to maintain for about a minute and throw it in the mix.

Photo from: summer-babee

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