The I Don’t Want to Workout Workout

I confess. I woke up today and felt a bit on the extremely crappy side – energy wise. Coffee didn’t even help. My brain was fried too. So, when the opportunity arose to get a quick workout in, I knew, even though I really really didn’t want to get one one in…it was exactly what I needed. Alas, I just sucked it up and did what I preach: got up and moved. 

I needed something quick and efficient that also required little to no brain power, and no equipment. Anything other than that didn’t stand a chance. 

Well, I ended up with a this fun little 20 minute butt kicker. And afterwards felt totally awake, invigorated, and ready to seize the rest of the day because of it. 

Working out is just pretty awesome like that. I swear it was a quadruple espresso shot for my psyche. And it was free. With no bad breath of stained teeth.

So, here you go. I highly recommend trying it the next time you don’t want to workout.

Do the following with no breaks, and try to get it done in under 20 minutes.

• 50 Squat Jumps

• 50 Wide Mountain Climbers (Each leg. Wide = bring your knee to the outside of your elbow. Trust me it makes it much “better”)

• 50 Alternating Jumping Lunges

• 50 Push Ups

• 50 Tuck Jumps

• 50 Toe Touch Crunches

• Then do a round with 40 of each of those

• Then a round with 30 of each

• Then a round with 20 of each

• Then a round with 10


Pat yourself on the back for getting up, breaking a sweat and moving. I swear, it’s sucking it up and deciding to do a quick little workout, that ends up making a big difference. 

And man oh man that was so much better than a gigantic red bull. 

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