Workout gear. That makes you want to go sweat.


It’s kind of amazing how cool workout gear is nowadays. I remember getting pumped to go pick up some shorts at the Nike outlet, because that was pretty much all there was. Lately though, rad gear is everywhere. 

And you know what rad gear does? It makes me want to slap it on, and go break a good messy sweat. Then go run errands afterwards looking somewhat fashionable, because everyone seems to make it so cool you want to wear it everywhere. And can. Even on date nights. I kid. Maybe.

So here are 10 items that I’m loving right now. 

You should note that I am super picky about workout gear I actually wear to the gym, or out of the house. 

• Tops must be loose and soft. I always wear a sports bra with a baggy over sized old short sleeve or long sleeve tee (usually from Goodwill, old hand me downs from my husband or something), or one of my favorite v-necks

• Bottoms must be comfy, cover my bum and crotch, be thick, and not give you muffin top. (People out there who do lots of squats and RDL’s, you probably understand this criteria.)

• Shoes must be bright and obnoxious. Or metallic. Or aloha print. 

Now, Here’s the list. Left to right, top to bottom:

Olympia Activewear Sports Bra – Because this line has some of the coolest sports bras known to man kind. 

New Balance 574 Sneakers – Watch out. These are addicting. They are comfy, and have oodles of obnoxiously bright and fun color combos. And they also look awesome when worn with cutoffs and a tee (when not working out). 

Free People Chevron Panel shorts – Because mesh workout gear is so fun. Especially when chevrons are involved. Probably would just run in these bad boys though.

Body Glove Breathe Tofino Burnout Hoodie: Is one of my favorite workout tops (that’s not an old tee). It’s bright, has long sleeve (bonus points), loose, has thumb holes, and is light weight fabric. Oh, and it has a hood (major bonus points). Score.

Roxy Spike 4″ Biker Shorts – I am on a biker short bender lately, and these lovelies with a more user friendly longer inseam (and tropical print) might need to get added to the mix. 

A Freaking Fantastic Grey Tee. – Did I mention grey tees are my favorite to workout in? Well they are. Especially when they make me laugh, and are a true statement. It’s brilliant. 

Olympia Active Wear Capris – Yes, more Olympia. It’s just gorgeous. And I love the waistband and color combo. And the model’s hair in the pic. 

Lorna Jane Mesh Panel Hooded Tank – Do I really need to explain why I love this? Didn’t think so. I feel tough and cool just looking at it. 

Nike Air Max Thea Sneaker – NEON NIKES. The road, sidewalk, and running trails are waiting to be highlighted my friends. 

…and last but not least

With Love From Paradise Keapana Capris – Because no list is complete with some aloha print workout gear from kauai you can wear anywhere.  

Still need an excuse to go workout? Didn’t think so.

Yeah rad gear. 

No go sweat. 

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