What Would Cameron Do


Slumps happen to us all. Well I am in one. A huge lack of motivation to workout or get back in my healthy groove came out of nowhere. But there has been a ray of sunlight that is helping me bid adieu to this stinking slump.

That little ray came in the form of a book titled: The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other ways to Love Your Amazing Body.

The author? Well, it happens to be one of my girl crushes, Cameron Diaz. And well, now I am 100% certain that she rocks. Big time.  

I am only through the first 80 pages, but I am more inspired than ever to eat healthy whole foods, kick the sugar habit, and be healthy without trying to be perfect. 

I keep asking myself, “What Would Cameron Do.” I even say it out loud. My husband is getting annoyed…or maybe is impressed with my motivation. I can’t tell.

The crazy thing is, this book is full of tips and lifestyle choices I preach and believe in. So in a way it’s a (much needed) stamp of confirmation, a reality check, and a huge dose of motivation. It was like the choir simultaneously said amen when I read that she runs up and down her block when she is strapped for time and needs to get a quick workout in. (yes, I do this too)

So if anyone is looking for a good beach read, or motivational dose of reality, grab a book, and let Ms. Diaz ’s preach her words of wisdom to you. 

…then pass it on to a friend. 

Which is what someone did to me. Thanks Phyllis.

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