Why I threw Away The Scale


Five years ago, when my husband and I relocated (we do this alot) we did something that has drastically increased my happiness in life. We threw away the scale. We meant to buy a new one after the move, but never did. Over five years later…still no scale. And you know what? It’s been a key to me feeling happier and better about my body more than ever. 

Here’s why.

I’ll admit it. If I step on a scale, and I don’t like the number, it can put a serious dampener on my day. It’s just (unfortunately) part of being a woman. We tend to identify ourselves by that moody, unpredictable, and rarely satisfactory number that pops up. I’ll even stand on one foot in hopes that it will go down by a digit or two. Yeah, that trick still has yet to work. 

By throwing out the scale, I worry less about what number turns up when I do step on one, and can appreciate my body instead of thinking of ways to deprive it to reach a certain number. The number obsession is gone, and it feels freaking fantastic.

So what do I use to make sure I am on track? 

It’s simple. Skinny Jeans.

Those suckers are brutally honest, in the best of ways. (I have a certain pair of Madewells I got on clearance. There’s zero stretch in them. They rock.) They let me know if I am bloated, need to cut back on the Chipotle (or beers, or pizza, or jalapeno kettle chips), give me a high five for eating a ton of fruits and veggies, or a slap in the butt for sticking to my workout regime the last month. 

So, here’s my challenge. If you are doing your best to live a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle, and scales do nothing but make you upset and feel bad about yourself. Throw the darn thing away. 

You will feel so much better, and see your body as so much more than a number.

…and you will also have a 100% valid excuse to go buy some new skinny jeans.

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