Today’s Workout. Was a good one.


Someone is motivated, and ready to share some schweatyness…ME!

So, here’s EXACTLY what went down in the gym today. Because you all really liked it when I posted my actual workout a few weeks ago. (So flattered. Thanks for the feedback. High five.) And, I am going to try attempt to do a post like this once a month. Because well, it motivates me to kick my butt in the gym too, in a share worthy way. 

If you are in a rut, need a workout, or something to write down to do before your next trip to the gym (Which is always a good thing to do). Here you go…

*Click on links for videos that explain the moves. Sorry I couldn’t find any dudes with cool accents wearing fanny packs and neon spandex.

Warm up: 10 minutes walking on the treadmill at a 3 – 3.5 pace with the treadmill at as high of an incline as it will go. I love this. 


Core Work

• plate toe touches x 20, immediately followed by plank hold knee tucks x 5 each leg

Repeat 3 times.

Get Moving.

• Do 50 push ups. Try to keep your elbows in. Even if that means you can’t do 50.

One set. No repeat. Unless you are feeling saucy. 

Front squat to push press x 5. 

Repeat for 5 sets total.

Superset #1: 

• Single arm alternating incline bench x 6 each arm / immediately followed by Bent Over Dumbbell Rows x 10 / immediately followed by stationary dumbbell lunges x 6 each leg / immediately followed by alternate plyo step ups x 6 each leg. 

Rest one minute. More if you need.

Repeat for 4 sets total. 

Superset #2:

• Single leg rear foot elevated split squats x 8 each leg / immediately followed by some  dips x 10

Repeat for 3 sets total. 

And finally….

• Do 15-25 pull ups. In as many sets as it takes you. 


Stretch, chug some water, give yourself a pat on the back. Put on a non sweat drenched shirt, and go find a cool juice place to grab a smoothie or something.

Or go to Chipotle. 

High five.

And thought you’d enjoy a pic of my new kicks that I’m obsessed with, instead of one of me all sweaty carrying a dumbbell.

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