Weighted Ladder workout


Workouts that are under 30 minutes seem to be my jam lately. And what I can realistically commit to doing 5 days a week.

Like this little gem I did today. It woke my butt up, got my muscles pumping, and made me feel rather amazing afterwards. And I was feeling like a sloth with bad insomnia before. So that’s saying a lot.

Here it is. Vamos…

Tools: dumbbells – at a weight that you can do 10 reps of not too easily and not too hard. Because you’ll be doing a ton of reps with these.

Warmup: I did the 50 for 50 challenge workout to get things all revved up and ready. Worked like a charm.

Now, the workout.

Do the following circuit in a ladder starting at 1 rep of each, and working up to 10 reps of each. Then, working on back down from 10 reps of each, to 1 rep of each. Yup a lot of reps.

• Goblet Squats

• Bent over rows

• Shoulder press

• RDLs

Notes: Don’t take any breaks. Move in a steady controlled pace. Don’t take any breaks. Oh yeah, and you should be able to do it in 20 minutes, give or take 30 seconds.

Enjoy the sweat, feel a little burn, and smile because you are using your amazing, capable of so much stuff, bod.

Oh yeah, feel free to do it in your back yard in bikini bottoms, hoodie and a sports bra, (like me), if you want to too.

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