A quick, does the trick, workout.

You know those the gym is the last place on earth I want to drive to and go types of days? Where all you want to do…is nothing? Well I was having one of those, but told myself something, anything is better than nothing (which is true), and ended up making up this quick 20 minute total body workout. That I kinda loved. Because it did the trick. And I broke a sweat. And feel better. 

So here it is:

20 minute total body workout

Tools: stop watch, and resistance bands (a TRX, or free weights are great too) 

Workout: Do the following with no rest in between exercises. So it’s all back to back to back to back…

• 5 minutes – Run (Feel free to throw in a few 10 second sprints every minute)

• 5  minutes – Walking lunges

• 5 Minutes – Arms (Do 1 minute of each: push ups, shoulder presses, bent over rows, tricep extensions, upright rows)

• 5 Minutes – Abs (Do a 1 minute plank hold followed 30 second plank hold on each side, followed by 1 minute of bicycles, 1 minute reverse crunches, and 1 minute of alternating knee to opposite elbow planks.)


Unless you are feeling saucy. Then do it all again for a 40 minute workout.

But that wasn’t for me today.

High five for getting up, breaking a sweat, and realizing not every workout has to be a long excruciating butt kicker to count. 

Wearing Body Glove tights, Reef kicks and my favorite, wear it anywhere, for anything J Crew tee.

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