I know abs are primarily a

I know abs are primarily a result of your diet, lifestyle, and genes (urg). I hate hearing that, but it’s so stinking true. You just can’t sit on your butt, eat a ton of frozen pizza, do 300 hundred crunches a day and expect to have a six pack. Unless you are genetically blessed, then feel free to stop reading this now. 

However, you still need to work them out, which helps you have good posture, have a strong, sturdy core, which just helps everything else out…and makes this world a better place. And, I also think there’s a bit of a mental reward to taking a few minutes out of the day to make ‘em burn a bit too. 

So here’s my 5 minute ab circuit that I’m doing lately. It does the trick, quick.

And when I say trick, I mean makes me feel like I did something good for my core today. Which makes me feel much better, especially after popping out a 9 pound baby 4 months ago. 

Here you go. I timed it and it takes 5 minutes. If it takes you less, you are doing the moves too fast. Slooooowwww doooooownnnnn and ‘make em quiver a bit. 

5 Minute Ab Circuit

Do the following with no break. 

• 25 toe touches

• 25 hip ups / reverse crunches 

• 25 v-ups

• 10 side plank hip-ups (each side)

• 10 knee to opposite elbow planks (each side)

• 25 mountain climbers (each leg – takes about 30 seconds)

• 1 minute plank hold 


High five. 

Yay abs. 

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