Beef up your walk.

You know a GREAT way to move your body and get some cardio? Go for a walk. Yes, a simple, old-fashioned, use your own two feet, with or without shoes (aka beach or no beach), walk. I know it’s not anything to brag about, but who cares really? Not me.

Walking rocks. Just ask my mother in law (who just turned 60, is ripped, and swears by power walking. Even in the snow in Iowa in the winter), or my cousin (who hates cardio and is super ripped), or…moi (it’s my favorite workout on days when the last thing I want to do is workout, or am too sore to move because I overdid it the day before.) 

Plus, if you get a little creative with mixing in a few other moves in that good ‘ol walk, you can make up a bunch of killer workouts.

…Like this one I came up with last week in Hawaii.

All you do is this:

• Walk fast for five minutes

• Do walking lunges for two minutes

• Stop and do jumping jacks for one minute

• Then one minute of mountain climbers

• Followed by thirty seconds of push ups

• And thirty seconds of squat jumps

• Then repeating that whole circuit three or four more times

…For one helluva beefy 30-40 minute walk. 

That’s extra fun when done on a beach.

And even more fun when accompanied by a dog. Who tends to jump on your back during the push ups and mountain climbers.

Yeah for walks, moving your body, getting your heart rate up, and feeling great.

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