Well, it’s been at least three

Well, it’s been at least three years since I wrote a daily health checklist. So, I  figured it was definitely in need of a revision, (and I promised I’d write a new one in this post.) Life has changed, is a bit more hectic, and is it me or do we really need reminders to stop and breathe more than ever? Same with good posture. Darn technology. 

So here you go – Revised daily health checklist. Print it out, put it somewhere you’ll be reminded of it, and try to check ‘em all off daily. Especially the gratitude part. Do that one first thing in the morning. It works wonders. 

It’s all just a friendly reminder to take care of your bod, your soul, and overall well being. It might seem like a lot all clustered in one list, but trust me, it’s doable, and they make a huge difference. 

And please, don’t beat yourself up if you can’t check everything off. We’re all human, and I’ve been having major issues with the 8 hours of sleep one. But, it’s good to have stuff to work towards, right? Right. 

Cheers to good health, and something else to put on your fridge or bathroom mirror. 

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