Build up that bootie


Ruched bikini bottoms, although amazing in the bum curvature illusion department, can only do so much. Please meet a move and a workout that will help you not look like you partied your bum off.

The Move. RFESS. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats. Also called Bulgarian squats, but I prefer acronyms. This, single handedly is my hands down favorite leg exercise to do. Click on this link to learn proper form (which is key) and let the booty building begin. Start just using your body weight, if you can do 10 or so, it’s time to start using dumbbells, kettle bells or a barbell. I like to have a weight heavy enough so I can only do 5 each leg. It hurts, and it works. One day I’ll get around to making a video for these, I love them and swear by them that much. 

The workout.

Find a steep hill that’s not too long or too short, and do the following after warming up and stretching:

1. Sprint up the hill as fast as you can. Walk down, Sprint Up again.

2. Do walking lunges up the hill, Walk down.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 back to back 3-4 times, using the time you walk down the hill as you rest.

If you are sore the next day, it’s just that bootie being beefed up 🙂

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