4 week HIIT Challenge.


I think one of my very first fitness posts on here was talking about HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training. Well, it’s time for a reunion. Because looking on my weekly workout schedule, rarely a week goes by when I don’t get a HIIT.

Go read that article, and join me in this 4 week little challenge where you work up to a pretty stellar little butt kicker. It’s just one workout per week, so really, it’s more like a test.

And the best part…every workout is under 20 minutes. You can thank my cardio ADD for that one.

So yeah, HIIT me baby 4 more times. 

A few tips & notes:

Be sure to warm up and stretch thoroughly before starting. I.E. you should break a sweat and feel like you could sprint away from a rabid crazy chihuahua if you needeed to.

ON = as fast as you can possibly go

Off = a slow jog, if that’s to hard, walking is permitted too. Try to work up to a jog though.

If you can’t run. This can also be done on a bike, stair master, or yes, even elliptical.

Week 1:

5 minute warm up

On 15 seconds/Off 45 seconds: Repeat 10 times

5 minute cool down.

Week 2:

5 minute warm up

On 20 seconds/Off 40 seconds: repeat 10 times

5 minute cool down

Week 3:

5 minute warm up

On 20 seconds/ Off 40 seconds: Repeat 12 times

3 minute cool down.

Week 4:

5 minute warm up

On 25 seconds/ Off 35 seconds: repeat 12 times

3 minute cool down.

Week 5:

Just kidding. You are done. And hopefully are inclined to be addicted to HIIT, and feeling grrrreat.

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