The (Beefed up) Weighted Ladder workout


I just did this one and was so pumped to share….that I’m posting before I have a chance to shower. 

It was just that good. And worth the stink.

Remember the weighted ladder workout from a month or so ago? Or five. Well, it’s that same principle, but with different, harder (more work your whole body) kind of moves. 

Here we go. 

The weights: Do this entire dealio with dumbbells that you can do 10 reps with. (I have my beloved powerblocks)

The workout: Do the following circuit in a ladder starting at 1 rep of each, then 2 reps of each, then 3…and working up to 10 reps of each. Then, working on back down from 10 reps of each, 9 reps of each, 8 reps of each…to 1 rep of each. Yup a lot of reps. And here’s the fun part…no breaks. Other than a quick breather if you need it. It took me a little under 30 minutes. 

• DB burpie rows

• Sumo Squat upright row

• DB thrusters

• Push ups with leg raise

Thanks to other crazy people and you tube there are videos that demonstrate the moves. Because when I explain them it makes me sound like I’m talking about calculus. Which I suck at. Yay youtube.

•  Dumbbell burpie rows – holding your dumbbells squat down like you are going to do a burpie, shoot your legs back, (no push up) then back into that bent over position, now do a bent over row. 

•  Sumo squat upright row – Hold your dumbbells, and have your legs be in a wide/sumo stance. squat down until your dumbbells touch the ground (or almost touch), then as you come up, do an upright row. 

•  DB Front squat to push press ( aka a DB thruster) – Hold dumbells at shoulder height, squat down looooooowwww, come up and press the weights over head. These suck. In a good way. 

•  Push ups with leg raise – Just as it sounds, do a push up, and raise one leg. do another, raise the other. Boom. 

There you go. I like to challenge myself to do the second half in less time that the first half took me. Fun times.

Enjoy the sweat, move your body, push around some weights, and feel pretty damn great. 

Ok off to shower now.

With Love from paradise tights + powerblocks

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