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  • Some Shells Under The Rainbow

    If anyone’s looking for a few mental whoooosaaahhhh moments, grab some shells, whatever paint, pen or marker floats your boat, a good beach jams playlist, and make those shells a lovely l’il canvas. Sharpie shells

  • Different Kind Of Spring Mood

    Well, what an interesting start to Spring. The days are longer and things are blooming, and I’m just trying to not turn into Bill Murray in What About Bob through it all. There’s a lot

  • Winter Solstice Mood

    Winter Solstice is a few days away and it just has me in a kind of mood that’s hard to put a finger on it.  It’s one full of juxtapositions: wanting to workout out non

  • 25 Random thoughts

    Took a break. Mind is all over the place. Need to write. Oh yeah, it’s also Mental Health Awareness Day. Which means, time for one of my favorite writing exercises: 25 random thought therapy. So, here

  • In A Fall Mood

    Somehow it’s the first day of Fall, and honestly, it sure feels like it. It’s like a switch went off last week and the grey is starting to gradually roll into Seattle. I also had

  • Costa Rica Journal

    Do you ever travel somewhere, and feel more at home there than you do at home? Well, that was the case with this recent trip to Costa Rica. Everything about where we stayed, the dirt

  • 5 great breathing exercises

    Breathe. Take a deep breath. You just need to stop and breathe. We hear it, we say it to ourselves (out loud or in our heads), we read it, we’re told it, and gosh, we

  • On the move. Again.

    Well, we are moving. Again. Back to Seattle. Again. I wanted to wait and write about it until I was literally on the road, but it’s consuming my thoughts, so I just need to write

  • JAMMINI was working on a pretty

    JAMMIN I was working on a pretty sweet project over the past four days, which meant I had to buckle down and put in quite a few late night hours. I usually listen to Slack

  • I’m about to go workout (doing

    I’m about to go workout (doing this gem of a sweat sesh), so, I figured I’d share a (hopefully not too annoying) motivational health quote, and the playlist I shall be jamming to while movin’