I talk a lot about my

I talk a lot about my beach runs on here. But I must confess, as much as I love a long, zone out and clear my mind run, the majority of my cardio is intervals. HIIT, whatever you want to call it. 

So for the past, umm decade in a half or so, I’ve tweaked my little 20-25 minute heart pumping run, to be the following workout. Which I love, and do once a week. 

Preferably barefoot on some soft sand, but pounding pavement works just as well. 

So why the interval run? It revs up your metabolism, gets your heart really pumping, and is challenging. Theres way more benefits. Feel free to google. Also, for me, I appreciate the energy spike, the bum building aspect of sprinting, and feel like I get one helluva workout in not that much of time. Which is the story of my life lately, fitness wise.

So should you want to do an interval, HIIT, or whatever it’s formally called, run, here’s my go to 25 minute one.

All you need is a stopwatch, and the willingness to move. Make sure you’ve stretched and are loose/ready to run, and run fast. 

Warmup: Run for 5 minutes

Interval time.

Sprint 20 seconds / Jog 40 seconds

Repeat this 12 times

Sprint 20 seconds / Jog 20 seconds / Walk 20 seconds

Repeat that 5 times

Cool down: Walk for 3 minutes. 


You should feel great, sweaty, high on life, and like you had your butt kicked in less than 30 minutes. Boom. 

Cheers to that. 

Cheers to health.

Cheers to moving your bod. 

Thanks Beyond Yoga for the outfit. (Yes I actually just finished this exact workout and ran in this getup. Felt good to sweat and look super cute. The smile might look cheesy, but I was feeling freaking fantastic.)

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